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Solutions for medical needs

Medical Devices

bipap machine in kanpur for rent


Bipap machine or Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure machine is suggested for patients of Sleep Apnea or low oxygen levels......

CPAP Machine in kanpur


CPAP is used to treat sleep related breathing disorders such as Obstructive sleep apnea in adults. It may be used to treat preterm infants who have....

ICU ventilator in kanpur

ICU Ventilator

Ventilator is known by many names such as Respirators, Mechanical Ventilator, Artificial respirator.....

Patient monitors in Kanpur on rent & sale

Multi Para Monitor

Multi para Patient Monitor devices are used by medical professionals to monitor multiple live health parameters.....

syringe pump in rent kanpur

Syringe Pump

A syringe pump is an electromechanical device which is used in medical industry to administer controlled quantities.....


Wheel Chair

Wheelchair as the name suggest is a chair with wheels used to provide mobility to old age persons, weakness,..

Hospital beds on rent in kanpur

Hospital Beds

Hospital Beds are specialized bed which are used for people who need some form of healthcare, they can be used in hospitals,

Suction Pump on rent in kanpur

Suction Machine

Suction Machine is an electrically operated medical device used for removing substances such as blood, saliva....

Oxygen concentrator on rent in kanpur

Oxygen Concentrator

An Oxygen Concentrator is an electromechanical device which is used to supply an oxygen-enriched gas stream for medical needs.

external pacemaker on rent kanpur

External Pacemaker

External Pacemaker is an electrical device used in conjunction with pacing leads. It uses electrical impulses to stimulate the heartbeat of patients.....

Oxygen Cylinder

Oxygen Cylinder

An oxygen cylinder is a vital medical device used to store and deliver supplemental oxygen. It is used to treat Respiratory issue and medical emergencies

Home Healthcare Services

Healthcare at home services in kanpur

nursing care at home service, sr citizen care at home

Nursing Services

Due to some health reasons individuals can require medical attention but not as thorough as provided in a hospital. Medical Equipments & Healthcare services in Kanpur is sufficient for speedy recovery.

Doctor consultation at home in kanpur

Doctor Consultation

In cases where a patient finds it difficult to reach to a doctor for consultation due to old age, illness, disability or in homecare, for such scenarios we can arrange.....

Physiotherapy at home in kanpur

Physiotherapist At Home

Physiotherapy also known as Physical Therapy, is an allied health profession. The professionals practicing Physiotherapy are known as....

ICU at home service in kanpur

ICU At Home

ICU at home is a new concept providing long & short healthcare solution at affordable cost in the vicinity of the patient’s home....

nursing care at home service, sr citizen care at home

Sr. Citizen Care Service

Senior Citizen Care service is also known as Elderly care service or Assisted care service. As it is well known that after a certain age people need assistance in various daily chores of life.

Medical team for consultation in kanpur

On Site Medical Facilities

Are you planning for hosting a mega event such as film-shooting, sporting event, civil infrastructure works or live-shows?

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MediSolutionz is Kanpur best home care service provider. We have over 10+ yrs of experience in this field & are equipped with latest equipments & trained staff . Our goal is to ensure to ensure speedy recovery of your patient. You can rely upon us because we provide
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