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BIPAP Machine on rent all reputed manufactures such as Respironics, ResMed, GE available for sale and rent at Medi Solutionz Kanpur

Bipap machine or Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure machine is suggested for patients of Sleep Apnea or low oxygen levels. Buy or Rent BIPAP Machine In Kanpur in best price. They provide non-invasive ventilation to the patient via a face mask via tubing.

It is use For better Oxygenation it can be connected to oxygen as well.


Buy or Rent BIPAP Machine In Kanpur – Best Medical Equipment’s 


In addition, adaptive servo-ventilation (ASV) includes more sophisticated settings that vary at the timing of , volume of the breaths, length, that are delivered to hospitals. One of the major producers of these devices and suppliers in India is Respironics, has registered BiPAP machine as a trademark name for the technology.


It can also be used on hospitalized patient who have respiratory distress but do not wish to be placed on a ventilator. It may be helpful in those with neuromuscular weakness, such as may occur with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Recent findings have shown that Non Invasive Ventilation methods such as Bipap have shown improvement in patients with COVID 19 having comorbidities of chronic respiratory disease like COPD.
The key distinguishing feature of BiPAP is that the pressurized air is delivered at two alternating levels.

The inspiratory positive airway pressure (IPAP) is higher and supports a breath as it is taken in. Conversely, the expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP) is a lower pressure that allows you to comfortably breathe out. Buy or Rent BIPAP Machine In Kanpur – Medi Solutionz Kanpur, India.

These pressures are pre-set based on a prescription provided by your sleep doctor or pulmonologist. Don’t use Bipap without specialist doctor prescription.

Medi Solutionz provides Rental/Sale facility of Bipap machines in Kanpur 24×7 on Doctor’s Prescription. 


We have Bipap machine of reputed manufacturers like Phillips, Resmed, Floton & GE Breas Vivo 40. So we can provide all types of advance machine which is recommended by your Doctor.

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