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Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen concentrator on rent or buy in kanpur - Medi Solutionz kanpur

An Oxygen Concentrator is an electromechanical device which is used to supply an oxygen-enriched gas stream by concentrating the oxygen from a gas supply (usually ambient air) by selectively removing nitrogen from  Oxygen concentrator on Rent or Buy in kanpur.

Oxygen concentrators using pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology are widely used for oxygen provision in healthcare provision, Whenever, especially where liquid or pressurized oxygen is too dangerous sometimes such as in homes or in portable clinic care at home.

For other purposes there are also concentrators based on nitrogen separation membrane technology. Medi Solutionz kanpur provide you best Oxygen concentrator on rent or buy in kanpur city best dealers in medical equipment services.

An Oxygen Concentrator can be used as a replacement for Oxygen Cylinder & is easy to maintain. It is fairly simple to use & does not require specialized..

Following are the advantages of Oxygen Concentrator-

    1. It runs on electricity & does not require any specialized equipment or material to produce enriched oxygen.
    2. Gives freedom from Oxygen Cylinder refilling. Since it can produce enriched oxygen on itself.
    3. No need to monitor continuously as it never runs out of oxygen.
    4. Can work non-stop for longer duration.
    5. Small, Light weighted & easy to move
    6. Models available with battery back up.

Oxygen Concentrator is recommended for patients of
Oxygen concentrators are safe for homecare to individual patients, on prescription.
Normally they are used along with CPAP / BiPAP treatment of sleep apnea. They can also be used on patients of COPD or other respiratory distress including COVID 19.
Medi Solutionz provides Rental/Sale facility of Oxygen Concentrator in Kanpur 24×7 on Doctor’s Prescription for homecare/ hospital. best medical equipments on rent in kanpur.
We have a wide range of reputed manufacturer’s Oxygen Concentrator available in stock, so if you need one contact us!

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