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Multi Para Monitor

Multi Para Monitor on Rent Or Buy in kanpur from Medi Solutionz
Multi para Patient Monitor devices are used by medical professionals to monitor multiple live health parameters of the patient on a common screen. Multi Para Monitor on Rent Or Buy in kanpur from Medi Solutionz best range. This monitor has multiple sensor leads connected to the device which sense & records different parameters. The multiple health parameters that can be observed are:-
    1. SpO2 or pulse Oximeter
    2. Non Invasive Blood Pressure or NIBP
    3. Temperature
    4. Invasive blood pressure or IBP
    5. Electro Cardio Graph or ECG of 5 or 7 lead
    6. EtCO2
    7. Respiration

The patient monitor comes in different sizes which displays different parameters & graphs to enable easy interpretation of results.

Advanced streamline outline design, compact, lightweight, in-built handle makes it truly portable (8″) (5 Para) features high resolution color TFT display models and is suitable for Arrhythmia analysis, ECG, cardio, and segment analysis (S-T) in neonatal, adult patients and pediatric.

BPL Medical, Comen Medica, Contec, Creative Medical and best company models Further, rich features 72 hours graphic and tabular design of all parameters on the touch screen monitor with great level of accuracy score.

Medi Solutionz Team provide best Multi Para Monitor on Rent Or Buy in kanpur city from last 10+ years and we have best experiences team & technician who is ready to help you out in 24*7 availability. best medical equipment provider in India.

These parameters are utilized by medical professional to diagnose, monitor & asses the condition of the patients. They help in quick analysis & take necessary steps to attend & resolve any medical emergency.
Patient monitors have inbuilt audio & visual alarms to bring into notice any issue to the medical staff.
For Home care or hospital care patient monitors are a must. They are the simplest yet most vital tool to any registered medical professional.
Medi Solutionz provides Rental/Sale facility of Multi Para Patient Monitors in Kanpur 24×7 on Doctor’s Prescription for homecare/ hospital/ transport.
We have a wide range of reputed manufacturer’s multi para monitors available so if you need one contact us!

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