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Hospital Beds

Hospital Beds are specialized bed which are used for people who need some form of healthcare, they can be used in hospitals, assisted care living centre, sr. citizen care centre & home healthcare Hospital beds on rental in kanpur. Hospital beds are designed to be comfortable, ergonomic & provide convenience to medical staff for patient care. 

Hospital beds are manufactured from wide range of materials such as iron, stainless steel to Carbon fibre. They can have
They can be used along with air bed (anti decubitus bed) or waterbed for better treatment of patients.
Hospital beds come in many varieties with multiple features.  They can be mechanically or electrically operated with multiple accessories. So, one must determine which type of bed is of use to them.
can make i.e.

Manual mechanical beds are simple to use & low in cost. They can be operated by a single person.
Electrically operated beds are expensive but provide ease of functioning. Its more suitable for elderly care.

hospital beds on rent or buy in kanpur
The most common way of classification of hospital bed is by the number of folds it
    1. Single fold bed
    2. Double fold bed
    3. Triple fold bed
The type of bed needed depends upon the patient need. In most of the cases a single fold bed is more than sufficient for the patient, though doctor’s advice is recommended before purchasing. In simple financial terms, do not go for fancy items & features, if not needed as it will mean unnecessary cost. Medi Solutionz provides Rental/Sale facility of Hospital Beds in Rental in Kanpur 24×7 on Doctor’s Prescription for homecare/ hospital. We have a wide range of reputed manufacturer’s Hospital beds available so if you need one contact us!
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