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ICU at home

ICU at home is a new concept providing long & short healthcare solution at affordable cost in the vicinity of the patient’s providing ICU at home service in kanpur Under this service complete Intensive Care Unit is set up at patient’s residence with round the clock manned with nursing staff & consumables. This set up consists of all high-tech machines such as ICU grade Ventilator, BiPAP / CPAP, Syringe Pumps, Multipara Patient Monitor, Oxygen Cannisters, Defibrillator etc. Additional equipment’s may be provided on need basis. Complete treatment is based on the treating Doctors advice & prescription. Hence no compromise in quality of healthcare. Our services are backed by ambulance service to tackle any emergency. Benefits of ICU at home
ICU at home service in kanpur
    1. Cost saving up to 50 % compared to a hospital ICU.
    2. Complete treatment in the comfort of your home.
    3. Complete patient privacy & total control over treatment
    4. Benefit & care of a level of private ward ICU of hospital at a fraction of cost
    5. Better recovery rate
    6. Low risk of infection

In Kanpur, Medi Solutionz has the best combination of staff & equipment to take care of your patient. We have long experience of ICU at home service in kanpur & many of our patient have recovered in very short time. We provide customized package to suit individual needs financially.
Our packages are available on daily & monthly basis charge.
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