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Frequent Asked Questions

Homecare Healthcare-What is it?

Health is Wealth. Everyone is aware of this phrase. It tells that an individuals health is the most important asset & there Some Frequent Asked Questions that you must know about your health.  Recent Covid 19 pandemic has demonstrated this once again. Diseases are like smart thief. They come silently & hurts you physically, emotionally & financially. Literally no one can 100% save himself from being ill. So you might need help regarding your health or you need healthcare when you are not feeling well. The traditional way for healthcare is to Hospitalize, which is excellent. Hospitals provides healthcare infrastructure which have maximum no of facilities for diagnosis & treatment, adept no of trained medical & non medical staff to take care of you.

On the other hand if we notice

    1. Hospitals are expensive
    2. No control over cost
    3. Disturbs the family routine
    4. High idle time
    5. Shared bed & bathrooms
    6. paying for services not availed

So does that mean that we should avoid hospitals for healthcare?

No! not at all. Without any doubt Hospitals are the best place for availing healthcare services. This should be clear from the very first place. There is no replacement of hospitals because they are dedicated infrastructure & manpower to handle any health emergencies which is difficult to replicate.
Now the question comes if hospitals are the best for healthcare than why select home based healthcare service.

For that we need to understand what home based healthcare service is?

A Home based healthcare service is meant for patients who are less critical but need constant medical care under medical staff for better health or assistance. This service is provided under the vicinity of patients home. Thus making it convenient for patient & their family members to manage normal life.

Types of home based healthcare service-

    1. ICU at home
    2. Doctor consultation at home
    3. Nursing Service
    4. Physiotherapist at home
    5. Sr.Citizen care service

Above service can be used individually or in combination as per need. Under these services minimum necessary medical equipment’s can be arranged at the patients house for better diagnosis & treatment by medical staff.
The diagnosis & course of treatment is actually managed by the treating Doctor. Based on his prescription, treatment is managed by the paramedical or nursing staff. Thus ensuring hospital like care for the patient in the vicinity of the home.

This actually costs significantly less than a hospital bill, but can give you quality treatment of a private ward.
Now the question is how the cost are lower than the hospital quality of treatment is better.

Its usually because you save on a lot of things

    1. Hospital Charges
    2. Bed Charges
    3. Doctor Visit charges
    4. Additional Hospital charges such as Generator Charges, Bio Medical waste charges etc.
    5. Registration charges
    6. Cannot negotiate on diagnostic bills, medicine etc.

Thus it is evident that there multiple expenses that can be avoided by opting for Home based healthcare services.
But there are pittfalls related to home healthcare which can be

    1. Constant presence of medical staff can be annoying
    2. Intrusion in family privacy
    3. Constant vigil required on patient & staff
    4. Errands like arranging medicine & diagnostics
    5. Home healthcare is not free
    6. Noise of Alarms from medical equipments can be irritating
    7. ambulance support needed to tackle any emergency
    8. medical equipment need to be purchased or rented
    9. usually not covered by health insurance

So one can see that home based healthcare services are excellent but has there own set of issues. Therefore it should be carefully evaluated before opting it. Advice of treating doctor will be best in this case.
Finally, things which should be evaluated before selecting a home based healthcare service

A :- Do a research on your service provider?
B :- Ask for experience & references?
C :- Check the qualification of staff & experience providing service
D :- Don’t go for the cheapest service provider, instead go for quality. Trained, qualified & experienced medical staff don’t come cheap. Better staff ensure faster recovery?
E :- Ask for monthly package because they come with discount?
F :- Ensure proper documentation of treatment
G :- Home based healthcare is only recommended for non critical patients. Critical patients must be treated at hospital.
H :- Always keep a plan for emergency. Communicate with ambulance service provider keep their number handy in advance. Pre decide which hospital needs to be visited in emergency & which doctor will be consulted. This will save chaos & stress.
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